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Thanks For Your Support and Donations

Thanks for checking us out and supporting Sketchy Press!  We are still figuring out the best method that's fair for everyone.  Ultimately we would like to keep our content away from corporate advertising and operate as our own.  This is where YOU come in.  Your support and / or donations keep US GOING!  We will be launching some new Patreon tiers soon.  If you subscribe at the $5 tier we have available now you will be upgraded to our biggest tier as the site grows without any additional charge.  We will will keep this promo running for as long as we can, and will give a 30 day notice if / when it expires. 

We know money is tight now for everyone.  If you cant donate you can still be a great help!  Like and subscribe to our social media channels and share the material! 

We have put this all together in less than a month and we have received some great feedback!  We appreciate it all so SO much!  Please keep coming back!  More to come!

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