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5-28-21 Patreon Clip
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On 5-28-21 Brent and Katelyn Hatley took to their Patreon "show" to discuss their so called "haters".  In doing so they decided to use such words as "autistic", "aspergers" and "on the spectrum" as insults and slurs.


Brent and Katelyn Hatley do a daily show on Twitch and on Patreon

Is this the kind of material these platforms choose to host and / or be associated with? 

Additionally Mr. Hatley has been hand picked to fill in on a terrestrial radio station in Orlando Florida on on 6/01/21 and 6/02/21. 

Mr. Hatley was asked AGAIN, exactly 1 year later to fill in.  He has made multiple FALSE

Police reports against innocent people within the past year.  Each resulting in no wrong doing by those he accused!

This station,is called Florida Man Radio and is owned by JVC broadcasting.  Is JVC broadcasting in the business of allowing their hosts to say spew such hatred when talking about mental illness? 

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